How about we tackle three points of this.

1 Too many guns.

2 nutcases getting guns.

3 The agenda behind dis-arming Citizens.


We have lots of guns, we have amazing people who own guns, and amazing people who want to ban them. We have a gun culture that works very well in a moral, disciplined society. We can’t say that society is becoming more disciplined, we know there is less order and civility. So dude gets mad, goes on a binge kills people, with a gun. You and I, are horrified that a person can destroy people in a cavalier way. Armed Citizens won’t give the guns up, who would, there are nuts out there, killing people in a cavalier way. So we can require lock up of personally owned guns. We need to continue background checks. Preach, teach, and model behavior that never makes guns toys, or treat them in an offhand manner.


Most of these shooters use guns to remedy a TEMPORARY slight, or an emotional reaction to a situation. This is where we have trouble, we can’t read minds, and we can’t be everywhere at once, to defend our loved ones.

Everyone loses a job, it is devastating. We can find people who ‘did’ this to us. After a while we calm down and work out our income situation with another job. We think back and we learn something from the painful time.

Some people have thoughts of suicide for temporary problems, slash your wrists because your two year girl friend moved two states away, an example. Someone gets mad, while stressed, and punches someone. The consequences are serious and possibly life changing.

So, we can’t read minds, we can’t be without defense. So we examine the type of person who might react this way. Someone with a history of violent behavior, someone who has a record of violent crime, those are obvious. We can see a future issue. Sorry, if you hurt people, we should vote to have a law, you don’t get a gun.


Each gun crime involving mass shootings is hyped for days and weeks with how bad guns are. how bad it is that guns are easily accessed. The NRA is bad, the average gun owner in complicent with the ‘gun problem.’

We as a nation enshrined personal accountability for our own defense and the defense of our Nation in the Constitution.

The reasons are many and the People having means to defend themselves is not changing soon.

So, we examine who’s agenda is advanced by hyping and inflaming gun violence. Someone help me find a name for these guys. They want a fundamentally altered American experience, they want to manage our lives for us. They want to determine our futures.

They use division, inflaming catastrophes, and push their agenda with deep pockets and willing, poorly informed Citizens.

Looking for ideas.

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Opinion Formulators pump out the news. Pre-digested and vetted for us, because we can't decide for ourselves. Trying to look behind the news, behind the smoke and mirrors. Not only can we decide for ourselves, the extremists, Left and Right, are afraid we might.

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