At the risk of being like REALLY wrong, I’m thinking Trump and Sanders are going to face off on this race. Both are rich old guys. and they appeal to extreme elements in there respective parties.

Trump at least has shown he will promote a conservative supreme court. Sanders will take us to a stronger version of socialism. These appeal to extremes in the voting ranks of the right and the left.

Socialism is not a bad word to some, due to the phrase Democratic Socialism. Purported to be a kinder and gentler government. Even though social programs mandated by government end up being expensive and taking individual choice away.

Those who follow a more Constitutional mindset, feel further work on improving the economy, and even more conservative SCOTUS will be the result of voting Conservative. Some see this as being a detriment to making the country kinder.

In the middle is everyone else, striving to pick something they want out of this election.

So… examine the history of the persons facing off, realize that they are being sponsored by particular groups, and entities that are vying for their vision of America as we go to our future.

Some want a set of services, even if the taxes go up. They want to have access to Universal Income, a much higher minimum wage, Abortion rights enshrined in a much broader way, in Federal law.

It extends to free college, and a health care system where government provides EVERYONE with basic coverage.

This group is likely to approach the Constitution under a flexible framework of interpretation.

Others want a free market solution to everything, when possible. These view taxation as an impediment to business, and an impediment to personal income growth.

Also they want the States to manage those things that are relegated to the States by the Constitution.

This group approaches the Constitution as a much more rigid document. Interpreted by the way language was used in the time of it’s writing.

Both of these Candidates are very fluid in their evolution, doublespeak for, do and say whatever it take to get into office.

Trump, while he has done some good, surprised me, actually, is a deal maker, and he will push Presidential powers in new ways even more than he already has.

Sanders is well known for his socialist leanings. He has a lot of appeal. Many view him as a change for good. He’s fairly direct with what he intends to do.

I challenge my readers to examine their past, warts and all. I challenge you to turn off mainstream MEDIA, and look at what these guys support, what they vote for, and their past affiliates.

Both of them are politicians, each one has a view of where America should be, as history rolls out.

Then CHOOSE, with disdain, usually, the one that might do less damage to your vision of our nation.

Published by embracethought

Opinion Formulators pump out the news. Pre-digested and vetted for us, because we can't decide for ourselves. Trying to look behind the news, behind the smoke and mirrors. Not only can we decide for ourselves, the extremists, Left and Right, are afraid we might.

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