Came up to the scene of accident, Teen kid, failed to yield to a twenty something kid.

Not the actual jeep, damage pretty close to actual accident damage, swollen knee, and mildly concussed.

Accidents happen, and most people come out with minor injuries, thankfully.

After they found out that no serious injuries were apparent, both Mom’s broke down, hugging, and so thankful it wasn’t so much worse.

So… 80% of this whole thing is, the kids were essentially OK.

We knew knew the lawyers were coming, and the insurance companies would have their time in the sun.

Sharing the waiting room, one party shared too much. The other kid in the accident shared too much. My Grandson, the one with the front end of the Jeep tore off, said nothing, I said, I was so happy we got off pretty easy on both sides. We were agreeable, and the main thing was settled, the kids were alive and not seriously injured.

This is the South, in a Rural County, in a small hospital waiting room. Likely as not these kids were distant cousins, somewhere in the mix.

The only real thing in that room was the Kids being ok.

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