The left is not trying to abolish Christianity

Serious deep pockets, in a small segment of the LGBT arena, are trying to silence opposition to their views.

The slant is that their is something wrong with this group, who for 2000 yrs has taught that same sex intimacy is against the Scriptures.

What is not said is, that any sexual behavior outside of marriage between a man and a woman is prohibited.

Some have used this stance as justification, by God, to batter and kill Gays. This false application, by a minority of Christians, has been exploited by antagonists, to paint Christians as bigots.

Some in the LGBT community have openly disrupted religious services, and have been guilty of singling out Christians for harassment. SPLC has been implicated in inciting shootings at a faith based group.

The overwhelming majority of people really don’t have an interest in inflicting their views on anyone. LGBT people generally have a you got yours, I got mine attitude. Most Christians understand that it’s a rare person who does not understand the Biblical view on same sex union.

The highly editorialized media, in response to moneyed interests, and organizations, including Southern Poverty Law Center, have an agenda. They single out traditional Faith groups as bigots and haters, due to a non-compliance with THIER viewpoint.

Christian groups have singled out gays, and past history contributes to the current climate of contention, sue and counter sue in the Courts.

Many Pulpits don’t elaborate on life behaviors, instead going for Love and Grace, which is where the money really is.

The Biblical Pulpits, and there are a lot of them, emphasize that a walk with Jesus, includes giving up lifestyles that are not Biblical.

Among the lifestyles are, theft, man stealers, worshipping Idols, sex outside of the marriage union, same sex intimacy, and neglecting your family.

In over 40 yrs of church attendance, never heard that Gays are going to Hell. I have heard that God wants a Walk with us, through Jesus Christ. To be in agreement with Jesus teachings, we lay aside those things He asks us not to do.

I can understand some will bristle at any disagreement with their life choices, that’s ok. Many will never be ‘bossed’ around by God, and do what they want to do.

This is where the huge majority says ‘ Cool, you got yours, I got mine.’

So people presenting themselves as ‘Christian’, picket funerals for Soldiers. This narrow little hate group, has their pictures splashed across the world’s media, and ‘ALL Christians are Haters.’

Wrong. Those who live the teachings of Jesus, condemn the damage this group creates, they call them out and expose their very charismatic founder, making money off of hate.

To be clear. The only way to end up in Hell, according to Scripture, is to refuse Jesus offer of Salvation. Period.

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