Purpose of the PRESS.

1799 Philadelphia PA. Haratio wrote, “the horse was against the house in which Sybil Martin was trying to wash clothes and the horse made off with several items of clothing, attached to the halter and caught on the horseshoes of the animal. An unknown person was able to bring the horse to a nearby hitching post, tying the animal, Miss martin retrieved her clothes, while muddy, none the worse for the dragging in the mud.” the story was able to convey a series of thoughts about what happened.

2019, a similar fictional account, might reveal ” a stray horse straggled through several small yards, reaching into the laundry of African American Sybil Martin, taking some of her very few, worn clothes, dragging them in the street. Sybil had been washing clothes at home due to her wages being to low to obtain a washing machine like her better heeled urban neighbors.”

One account, though dry, was factual and described the incident with small inflection to form an opinion for the reader of the account. The second account was pre-digesting the account, with an expose of elements to elicit emotions in the readers with a definite revelation of income inequality.

Purple mountain majesty, or land previously under the control of indigenous peoples.

So the news informed, in the 1700’s, and now formulates what we should think, in our day.

I challenge readers to learn how to understand events, without being managed and groomed to arrive at a pre-chosen agenda.

FOX, CNN, ABC, CNBC and the majority of news outlets manufacture an agenda, then build on the subject relentlessly with small changes, and often leaving out pertinent facts, not supporting their goal of forming an opinion for the reader.

This is not new, it has been going on for decades, with the most glaring examples noted under our current news methods.

So, as a definite conservative, person of faith, a family oriented male, employed as a Nurse, I have no interest in promoting my ideas in a manipulative manner.

I want to see who is paying for the news outlets to exist, I want to see what national interests are served by news outlets. I want to see who sponsors the myriad of studies used to push a view point.

As a student of Orwell, and his novel 1984, I love to use phrases like Double Think, News Speak, and the rest of his phrasology to describe a suspension of TRUTH.

We have heard a prominent member of government use the term ‘Fake News’. This fits in with the current ‘Objective News.

Published by embracethought

Opinion Formulators pump out the news. Pre-digested and vetted for us, because we can't decide for ourselves. Trying to look behind the news, behind the smoke and mirrors. Not only can we decide for ourselves, the extremists, Left and Right, are afraid we might.

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