So, Do we Have freedom of Speech, and Freedom of Conscience?

In the LIBERAL parlance.“In this country, citing religious or spiritual convictions is often a surefire way to get out of doing something you’re required by law to do.” This is a common framing on the left. Essentially, it’s an argument that religious freedom is an intrusion into the law and that religious people are engaged in a form of special pleading — seeking rights and exemptions unavailable to other Americans.

In reality, the First Amendment is supreme, and when states seek to intrude on religious liberty, they’re trying to get out of something they’re required by law to do. Respecting the First Amendment is the default obligation of the federal government and every state and local government in the United States. When people of faith appeal to the First Amendment, they’re appealing to America’s highest law, and while Employment Division v. Smith weakened the Free Exercise Clause, multiple subsequent cases have restored at least some of its vitality, and most religious freedom claims are also grounded in the very robust free speech clause of the First Amendment.

SO… When a person of faith, ‘says I never have made a cake for Halloween, Bar-Mitzvas or, same sex unions, I don’t feel that’s in keeping with my beliefs.’ He’s a violator of Civil Rights.

So the guy’s been this way for 20 yrs.

He did not suddenly use Jesus as an excuse to hate on Greg and Steve wanting a Wedding Cake.

Greg and Steve singled out the baker, in order to create a court case, in order to get a legal ruling. The Deep pockets in this, orchestrated the situation with extensive planning and coordination.

The accusation is that Christian Gay Hater is using Religion to assault the Civil Rights of the offended, grieving couple.

The ruling has been, for like more than a century, that Government cannot intrude on the right to express, or act on a sincerely held Religious Belief.

The State of Colorado was so hostile to the faith elements in the lawsuit, that the SCOTUS felt the need to throw the civil rights allegations out, due to the blatant hostility to a person of Faith.

It was not acceptable, to the couple, to be referred to another business that would have been happy to make the cake.

The couple, greased by Deep Pockets, felt that they could sic the State on this guy. So the Court was given a way out of ruling on the Civil Rights aspect of the case.

The Left is inside out on their Narrative. Steve and Greg were not denied a service because they were gay. They were refereed to a service provider that was willing to be sure they had a cake for their celebration.

The case was so poorly presented to the SCOTUS, that the court had excuse to defer.

Steve and Greg, and the huge, deep pockets couldn’t force someone to act against their conscience.

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