Some Sources I Look at, for Reference.

Most are pretty well researched.

SOME are caving to the MAINSTREAM, as they cave, they drop off the list.

No compensation to me for this.


# 20 Life Site News –

A hidden gem among conservative sites, LSN is a reliable source for pro-life news and what some see as a culture of death that has gripped the free world.

# 19 Fox News –

Some will be quite surprised that the famous Fox barely made the top 20. It is still one of the most visited sources for political news but has increasingly bowed to establishment thinking. However, in terms of getting the news out fast and providing solid analysis, it still rates as a good site.

# 18  Western Journal –

WJ covers a wide range of issues, usually with unique angles and a deeper dive than many of the more prominent conservative sites.

# 17  Bearing Arms –

This site will educate, inform and guide readers through the history of the Second Amendment and the battles across the US – in each state – to protect the right to bear arms. It covers gun culture, from providing firearm education to exposing attacks on the Second Amendment to assuring that stories of guns saving lives see the light of day.

# 16  Wall Street Journal –

WSJ represents the best of establishment thinking. Covering U.S. and international news, and governed by a strict code of ethics, it does not sugar-coat content and stays firmly rooted in capitalist, conservative ideology.

# 15 The Daily Wire –

It is not the easiest site to navigate, but the Wire offers solid commentary and the occasional analysis piece that sheds light on unexplored areas — a great place to get the initial take on breaking news.

# 14  Cato Institute –

Cato provides keen analysis of libertarian issues and values with links to the full resources and activities of this liberty-orientated think-tank.

# 13  Reason –

This libertarian site tied to Reason Foundation covers politics and culture – and a good deal of comedy in their videos – through an ideologically consistent lens of individual liberty and the free market.

# 12  National Review –

Despite the infamous “Against Trump” edition of its magazine during the 2016 campaign, NR remains a classic source of conservative news, with a variety of viewpoints on a wide range of issues. No frills, just old-fashioned nuts and bolts commentary – especially for foreign policy wonks.

# 11  Russia Today –

This is undoubtedly the most surprising entry on the list. Though not, strictly speaking, a conservative outlet, RT is where you can find stories that few if any other sites have covered.

# 10  Media Research Center –

No organization works harder, or more effectively, at exposing rampant leftist media bias than MRC. The site offers great reporting and analysis of how the media characterizes and responds to the big stories of the day.

# 9  PJ Media –

PJM is a casual, entertaining and thought-provoking site that covers not only politics and culture but also delves into subjects such as faith and parenting.

# 8  Washington Examiner –

This reliably conservative site offers solid opinion and analysis of the issues plus the added benefit of ‘inside the beltway’ perspectives.

# 7  Real Clear Politics –

A unique entry on the list, RCP is a truly bipartisan site offering the best-written and most thought-provoking articles from both the right and left in virtually equal measure. A major bonus is their exhaustive election and polling information, including the much-cited RCP rolling average of polls.

# 6  Townhall –

This site offers a wide variety of content from notable conservative figures and is thought to be a must for conservative news junkies seeking reliable coverage of the big issues.

# 5  Liberty Nation –

Just short of its second anniversary, LN is the youngest site on this list. It has experienced a meteoric rise, with readers praising it for fresh and bold conservative, libertarian, and populist content.

# 4  The Daily Caller –

Though it offers substantial opinion-based content, this site is known primarily for its superb investigative work. They are willing to deep-dive where others fear to tread and have thus penetrated the world of establishment media.

# 3  The Federalist –

This site offers some of the most intelligent writing in the conservative realm. It is a thought-provoking source that dissects left-leaning news stories in an old-school style, stoking debate with its point/counterpoint arguments on religion, culture and politics.

# 2  Judicial Watch –

Best known for its aggressive pursuit of official wrongdoers, this is perhaps the best example of a site that does not necessarily attract the most viewers but offers exceptional content which readers rated very highly because of its unparalleled investigative work on government corruption.

# 1  American Thinker –

King of the hill, top of the heap in the collective view of LN writers and readers. AT is a triumph of substance over style. Described by one LN evaluator as “the MENSA of conservative websites,” it examines the meaty aspects of American politics and the players in the game, with no-holds-barred deep dives into interactive topics of national security, diplomacy, economic policy and more. Be prepared to accept an Ivy League education in 1,500 words or less when you hit American Thinker.


If you can’t find truth here, you won’t find it anywhere. Relentless in its pursuit of the best content from dozens of conservative sites, WF has seen its popularity soar as an alternative to the increasingly squishy, establishment-oriented Drudge Report.


As Fox News increasingly veers toward appeasement of the Washington establishment, One America is now recognized as the true go-to place for conservative news, commentary, and analysis.

I put this up to help me see the GREAT stuff out there. Also watching the MONEY TRAIL.

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