Explaining the Electoral College.

Answer to America is so proud of its democracy and freedom. Why is it content with the Electoral College which allows people from different states to have uneven voting power? by Thomas West https://www.quora.com/America-is-so-proud-of-its-democracy-and-freedom-Why-is-it-content-with-the-Electoral-College-which-allows-people-from-different-states-to-have-uneven-voting-power/answer/Thomas-West-64?ch=99&share=9819a517&srid=nGDET

Published by embracethought

Opinion Formulators pump out the news. Pre-digested and vetted for us, because we can't decide for ourselves. Trying to look behind the news, behind the smoke and mirrors. Not only can we decide for ourselves, the extremists, Left and Right, are afraid we might.

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