Is gun ownership a right?Frank Abair,

People freely move about, people seek employment, they choose where to live. They hold opinions, they openly discuss what they believe.

People have access to water, and the means of acquiring food and supplies to live their lives.

People own property, and they own the means to secure their property, and their personal safety.

These are not ‘rights’, as in the sense of a govt. saying you have permission to do these things.

These are things that the govt. is not allowed to make decisions about, on your behalf.

These rights, and others are ‘inalienable’ rights, rights that are present without govt. permission.

So… a right can be an existing condition, which government never granted. A right can be an allowed activity granted by government.

Means of acquiring food and securing the Western Expansion, and personal defense, where facilitated with firearms, including pistols.

The usage of firearms in our American culture predates our govt. Firearms were among the means to secure our current govt.

Ownership of firearms, was a given, the govt. is restricted from acting against this right.

The govt. is not responsible for defending you, as stated in court proceedings. You are responsible for securing your person and property.

Your responsibility and right to secure your person and property has never been granted by govt.

This right, among others, has existed prior to our current govt.

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