If they say, ‘I’m gonna shoot up a mall’, contact someone.

Usually, there are warning signs in the weeks leading up to a mass shooting.

Authorities don’t know how to use the information, as they are the clean up crew, after the fact.

They can’t move, in these cases, because there is no provision for them to act.

Violent speech, that includes statements of harm, is often not understood to be threats.

It can be difficult to sort from euphemistic speech, phrases like, ‘I’m going to kill him.’ ‘I’m going to punch his face.’ and ‘I’ll put a hurt on him.’

Language reading is difficult, when you don’t know how the rough speech should be interpreted.

So… after the cops are taking names, and the ambulances are taking victims to Emergency Care, someone says, ‘He was talking about shooting people last Tuesday.’

At this point in our culture, what can be done?

If you see a threat on Social Media, report it. If you receive a threat of harm, report it. If a neighbor is violent and uses language that includes harm to others, report it.

People will abuse the ‘If you see something, say something,’ rule.

The authorities, many times, can only go so far, as verbal threats are common.

Much of everyday language is euphemistically violent.

Violent language, and violent behavior, in the presence of guns, is always a reason to at least report the situation.

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