70 percent say NOTHING, about their views on their gun ownership.

10 to 15% on the gun control side, and 10 to 15% on the extremist gun owner side do not speak for the much quieter 70 % in the middle.

The ones in the middle are quietly buying guns, and putting into office at all levels, those who will support private gun ownership.

They aren’t looking at bad tweets or immoral personal life, they are looking for what is better in our country.

It’s well understood that anyone in office these days is likely of questionable character.

The MIDDLE sees;

A much more conservative SUPREME COURT.

A much improved employment rate.

A much better climate for expression of faith in all areas of public expression.

They see business more willing to build and invest in America.

They are likely to discount anything media says, as attempts to manipulate their views.

So… Democrat or Republican, they are going to vote for the one who will continue to improve on the list as given.

The press goes to the SCREAMERS, the largely manufactured news is ignored.

The middle is going to vote, they are going to vote what, in their view, is working.

Gun grab? Throw all restrictions off of guns? No, the middle is quietly going along in their lives, loving the life they have, and voting with what is making their life better.

The MEDIA, and the AGENDA ignore the middle at their peril.

The average American is very able to see the smokescreen that the Media has become.

So let the 15% at either end of the political spectrums scream all they want. The middle is increasingly tuning them out, and voting and supporting common sense.

Published by embracethought

Opinion Formulators pump out the news. Pre-digested and vetted for us, because we can't decide for ourselves. Trying to look behind the news, behind the smoke and mirrors. Not only can we decide for ourselves, the extremists, Left and Right, are afraid we might.

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