Mexico, has a largely disarmed Citizenry …hit men remove people from public hospitals, with little resistance.

So we have hit squads doing whatever they want in Mexico, in cluding attacking 9 Americans, some of whom died.

We have Cartels forcibly conscripting teenage boys from public schools at gun point to join the Cartels.

This is due to minimal legal access to firearms for self defense, for Mexican Citizens.

Ask someone you know recently living in Mexico, to verify the story.

Americans have lots of guns, and the Cartels do have infjuence here. The gangs do have influence in the US.

They are aware that if they choose the wrong block they will get ressistance.

The gangs and the Cartels want to expand operations here.

They keep running up against armed Americans, willing to challenge them.

There is a huge push to get guns out of the hands of US citizens, the result can very well be what honest Mexican Citizens are facing today.

They are at the mercy of evil men with guns, who nullified or bought off the law enforcement in thier area.

Another great reason for leaving our guns alone.

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Opinion Formulators pump out the news. Pre-digested and vetted for us, because we can't decide for ourselves. Trying to look behind the news, behind the smoke and mirrors. Not only can we decide for ourselves, the extremists, Left and Right, are afraid we might.

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