Hospitals fighting against revealing discounts to insurers, patients might shop around for services.

We go for Medical Care, and we pay whatever they bill, it’s exorbitant and forcing us into bankruptcy.

I work as a nurse, private duty, special needs. A very basic medical plan for each week is 85 dollars, copays, high deductible, no payment for medicines.

We passed on a payment every week, to have the privileges of not being able to pay for medical, even with insurance.

So… we are cash pay, out of pocket payers.

We are very careful when we use the medical system, you know, we pay cash.

My wife has it better than some, her MD visit is 35 dollars, we pay cash for labs and x-rays.

We pay cash for several medicines. Our average costs run 140 dollars a month.

My health, pretty good at 62, I have ear infections at times. Can’t get antibiotic drops without a prescription.

100 bucks for a Nurse Practitioner to tell me what I already know, then 65 dollars to get the prescription filled.

For 7 to 10 days of ear drops, it’s 165 dollars.

So… I understand my ear infection, and even though it’s uncomfortable, I know it’s not very serious in my case.

I go online, hunt up some drops, that are available without prescription. My Spanish language bottle of Neomycin worked, so I’m good. 30 bucks, wait ten days for the drops.

So the money I save from paying insurance premiums, and ditching the medical appointment amounts to over 160 dollars I didn’t spend.

My wife has a bad heart and we know we are just one ER visit away from bankruptcy, if we pay the 85 dollars a week, and get in the hospital, we are bankrupt anyway.

Welcome to 2019, we can’t possibly afford the greatest medical technology in all of history.

I work 42 hrs a week, you know, full time?

Govt medical care is a poor answer to the problem, I can understand those who vote for it, and fight for Universal Health care.

Not my focus, right now.

We need a re think MINUTE CLINICS, and tiered care for less critical medical care. Ear infections, colds, and flu shots.

We need to re think some medicines as being over the counter, instead of an expensive prescription.

Individuals need to continue to promote their own health, by choices that help us to be healthy.

We need to educate ourselves on tested alternative ways to manage health, as in, proven medical trials.

Yes, publishing the costs up front, when you see a doctor, when you enter a hospital, when you have surgery.

For those who have significant health issues, kidney recipients, cancer treatment, special needs, and medically fragile, we have a disaster, just around the corner, even with medical insurance.

There is no such thing as preventive care when you cash pay, you just make your best decision and go with it.

The Elephant story, how do you eat an elephant? One spoonful at a time.

The Elephant is Healthcare Costs, transparency in revealing cost up front, can be a couple of bites out of this monster.

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