Free Market working on access to health care

Can’t pay the premiums on my healthcare at work, and then pay the co-pays, and deductible.

It’s very expensive, and my boss is paying a lot of that as well.

So… I’m in good health, a Licensed Practical Nurse, so I can figure out when I’m sick.

100 bucks to see the Doc, and 80 bucks for the script to get the prescription med.

Right now I have Asthma symptoms, and for around 40 dollars, I can get this Physicians Assistant, or a Nurse Practitioner online and they take my interview and try me on something to treat my symptoms.

If I don’t get better, then I can empty the bank account on a local provider follow up.

This is Medicine LITE, you know, for simple stuff that the local guy would give the same care, just not at a 100 dollar note, only to have Doc say, ‘What’s wrong today, How may I help you?’

I am asking for real problems if I come up with caner or something needing surgery.

While I am happy to use Telemedicine, I also can tell you, it’s not for anything more than the easy stuff.

Look it up, not going to give a name, lot’s of people use this service.

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