Dems Not Winning, Trump is IMPEACHED, Dems Still Lose.

Impeach means to be accused, or charged with a wrong doing. Then PROVING it is the next step. Dems won’t submit the charges to Senate, because they won’t get the charges confirmed. Trump gets even stronger support, many switch to Trump because of the nature of the proceedings. Trump gets all this FREE newsfeed with […]

Life, has movement, processes oxygen, and metabolizes nutrients.

Life is distinguished from inanimate matter, by this and other evidence. Science says if it moves and uses oxygen and metabolizes nutrients, it is ALIVE. If we see a fossil of mold or lichen, we can determine if something has been alive in the past. If such evidence was found in a rock from Mars, […]

Trump letting impeachment be a screen for HIS agenda.

No one is paying attention, this time Trump is pushing conservative judges at all levels, while Dems beat the drum for impeachment. The surface is get Trump, the reality is, Trump is getting THEM. The back story is Trump is getting very conservative Judges into all levels of the judiciary. The surface story is Impeach, […]

Hospitals fighting against revealing discounts to insurers, patients might shop around for services.

We go for Medical Care, and we pay whatever they bill, it’s exorbitant and forcing us into bankruptcy. I work as a nurse, private duty, special needs. A very basic medical plan for each week is 85 dollars, copays, high deductible, no payment for medicines. We passed on a payment every week, to have the […]