The Narrative becomes Black on White, in FLA Stand Your Ground Case.

You can’t start an argument, about something that you should ignore anyway, then use a gun against an unarmed person. Instead of highlighting the law’s issues, the narrative is armed white guy shooting unarmed black guy. Read this… AUG 24, 2019 / 10:13 AM /A white Florida man was found guilty of manslaughter Friday for […]

Faithless Elector, Electors Can Vote Contrary to Popular Vote

The Electoral College is a privilege of a State to determine Presidential Races. The votes in one State determine how the Electors vote for a candidate. States are weighted with different numbers of Electoral votes. So the States are the determining factor for who’s President. The Republic determines it’s president by the Electors, who are […]

So, Do we Have freedom of Speech, and Freedom of Conscience?

In the LIBERAL parlance.“In this country, citing religious or spiritual convictions is often a surefire way to get out of doing something you’re required by law to do.” This is a common framing on the left. Essentially, it’s an argument that religious freedom is an intrusion into the law and that religious people are engaged […]

More references, this time LIBERAL stuff…

The 50 Most Popular Liberal Websites 1) CNN: 522) The Huffington Post: 3933) Time: 5534) NPR: 1,5245) Slate: 1,5696) Newsweek: 1,6907) U.S. News & World Report: 2,4088) Politico: 2,4709) Salon: 2,45510) Indy Media: 3,534 11) The Democratic Underground: 6,99212) The Atlantic: 8,53813) The Village Voice: 8,92214) Daily Kos: 10,38515) Eschaton: 10,49616) New Yorker: 12,42917) The […]

Mr. Trump can be un predictable, and runs Conservative. Mr. Biden is a close match to Obama, but predictable.

The big deal for Biden, is that he comes from the administration that gave universal Healthcare a run in this Nation. Many are up in arms at the havoc this move caused. ANY THING that would have been done, would be fraught with peril. Universal Healthcare was one of those things kicked down the road […]

The concept of a ‘red flag” law’ — which permits the confiscation of lawfully owned weapons from a person because of what the person might do — violates both the presumption of innocence and the due process requirement of proof of criminal behavior before liberty can be infringed.

If past crimes have been committed, a review of a person’s gun ownership is warranted. No one reads minds, and you and I are trying to work this out. If you have issues of violence, on record, gun ownership should be reviewed. If you MIGHT be a bad guy, SOME day, sorry, the rule can’t […]

Planned Parenthood Withdrawing From Some Govt. Funding

Trump is accused of being Anti Reproductive Rights yet again. Huge portions of the American population want much less Federal funding for abortion. Abortion will always be with us, that’s just how it looks for the foreseeable future. The states that want abortion can determine by vote if States should pay for it. No one […]

There ARE fairly Balanced News Sources Out There

So many of us have refused to watch or listen to ANY news. The twisted rhetoric is overwhelming, and our cynicism is such that many of us trust NO ONE. The Guardian, while a bit Liberal, does pretty well at being balanced. The Wall Street Journal, does pretty good at balance. There are searches you […]

Collecting Information, Facial Recognition, And lists.

Gathering huge amounts of information has us wondering. Very few facts about us are unknown to others. If we haven’t given up the idea of privacy, we should. Nothing is really private anymore. Touch a phone, enter a larger downtown city, park in town. Be visible from the air, purchase something. All these things trigger […]