So… We need to vote for a Devil, again. The front runners for President are equally bad.

At the risk of being like REALLY wrong, I’m thinking Trump and Sanders are going to face off on this race. Both are rich old guys. and they appeal to extreme elements in there respective parties.

Trump at least has shown he will promote a conservative supreme court. Sanders will take us to a stronger version of socialism. These appeal to extremes in the voting ranks of the right and the left.

Socialism is not a bad word to some, due to the phrase Democratic Socialism. Purported to be a kinder and gentler government. Even though social programs mandated by government end up being expensive and taking individual choice away.

Those who follow a more Constitutional mindset, feel further work on improving the economy, and even more conservative SCOTUS will be the result of voting Conservative. Some see this as being a detriment to making the country kinder.

In the middle is everyone else, striving to pick something they want out of this election.

So… examine the history of the persons facing off, realize that they are being sponsored by particular groups, and entities that are vying for their vision of America as we go to our future.

Some want a set of services, even if the taxes go up. They want to have access to Universal Income, a much higher minimum wage, Abortion rights enshrined in a much broader way, in Federal law.

It extends to free college, and a health care system where government provides EVERYONE with basic coverage.

This group is likely to approach the Constitution under a flexible framework of interpretation.

Others want a free market solution to everything, when possible. These view taxation as an impediment to business, and an impediment to personal income growth.

Also they want the States to manage those things that are relegated to the States by the Constitution.

This group approaches the Constitution as a much more rigid document. Interpreted by the way language was used in the time of it’s writing.

Both of these Candidates are very fluid in their evolution, doublespeak for, do and say whatever it take to get into office.

Trump, while he has done some good, surprised me, actually, is a deal maker, and he will push Presidential powers in new ways even more than he already has.

Sanders is well known for his socialist leanings. He has a lot of appeal. Many view him as a change for good. He’s fairly direct with what he intends to do.

I challenge my readers to examine their past, warts and all. I challenge you to turn off mainstream MEDIA, and look at what these guys support, what they vote for, and their past affiliates.

Both of them are politicians, each one has a view of where America should be, as history rolls out.

Then CHOOSE, with disdain, usually, the one that might do less damage to your vision of our nation.

Overthinking the toilet

My water bill was 65 dollars each month before I went rural, with a septic system.

28 of those dollars was to treat the waste water. Which is basically treating it with massive chlorine then dumping into the river. If they screen out the solids, it is toxic waste, to be placed in a special toxic landfill.

Upon moving to our 7. 48 acre property with a tiny house and great garage on it, our septic system finished dying. We could pump 200 bucks every thirty days, or pay 3 to 4 grand for a shiny new system, complete with septic field.

The DIY system was a 8 x8 foot square, in the ground made of mortered cinder block,with a cement cap, draining to a series of perforated pipes in a gravel bed. Illegal and no one knew the previous owners did this in the late 70’s.

With spectacular difficulties, we dealt with digging lines, and expensive pumping, only to find the system needed to be replaced, 3 to 5 thousand dollars we could never get.

Looked at how some solved their situation, when the septic gives up the ghost.

In single resident home, you get a cane chair, with the seat knocked out, the woods is your view during a hygiene event. Move the chair each day, and it’s no worse than having a pet you let out to do it’s business.

4 minors, and three adults, does not lend it’s self to this solution, ground water contamination is a real issue.

So… we pipe the grey water, to a handy ditch. anything not toilet water goes into the grey water discharge. The vegetation prevents run off and the greywater perks through the ground, ends up in a local culvert. this is linked to a series of ditches that drain rain water down the hillside.

What to do with the night soil, you know, the poop. After suggestions of pooping in camping toilet, in a bag, then putting it out with the trash, and just pay to pump, I found a DIY composting toilet design.

My wife was not on board, and I was unable to solve the problem of thousands to replace the septic system.

So I had some water resistant 1/2 inch plywood, and made a box, to hold a five gallon bucket, for 20 bucks, add a toilet seat for 9 dollars, we had a composting toilet. I purchased pine shavings, you know, animal bedding, to cover between useses.

Gentlemen were expected to urinate outside, ladies peed in the bucket. all sollids went in the bucket, and covered with sufficient sawdust.

I was the mastermind behind the alternative hygiene management program, so it fell to me to empty, wash, and maintain the system.

For ten bucks each, I found three 55 gallon intact metal drums, they had clamping lids. I would empty the bucket, usually 1 time each day, sometimes more, as needed. Into the drum, layered with leaves from our property.

So for sixty dollars and 30 minutes, or less each day we had a composting toilet system.

Add three grey 5 gallon buckets, with lids, and you have around 80 bucks in it.

The bathroom was surprisingly low odor, earthy, like soil in a field.

It was not what we were used to, 200 dollars a month we did not have, for pumping a failed system.

It took a year to fill three 55 gallon drums, mostly because of evaporation, and a bacterial processing of the contents.

When I dumped the buckets in my field, no odor and it looked like peat moss. After two weeks there was no evidence of anything being dumped.

Now the answer to water issues, is increasingly composting toilets.

Toilets, water saving, use a little less than a gallon per flush, along with chemicals processing, we end up with serious ecological consequences.

Sure is convenient to pull a handle and away goes the waste. It is not convenient to learn how damaging all this is to the planet.

The composting toilet returns the elements to the Earth, without the damaging affects to ground water, we avoid the issues of contamination as well.

So.. not only do alternative toilets work, they close the loop in the cycle of returning organics to the Earth, and very inexpensive.

We ended up with a small payment from an old retirement account, and put in a shining new septic system for 2800 dollars. works perfect, and we found the funds to do this after two years.

We do understand how useful the alternative toilet can be.

We do need local laws to change to allow them.

We do need the commercial offerings for composting toilets to be less expensive.

If you want to give it a try, it’s very doable. Maybe you can’t fix your septic system tight now, maybe you don’t want a septic system, maybe you need a composting toilet.

It’s different, and works very well.

Free Market working on access to health care

Can’t pay the premiums on my healthcare at work, and then pay the co-pays, and deductible.

It’s very expensive, and my boss is paying a lot of that as well.

So… I’m in good health, a Licensed Practical Nurse, so I can figure out when I’m sick.

100 bucks to see the Doc, and 80 bucks for the script to get the prescription med.

Right now I have Asthma symptoms, and for around 40 dollars, I can get this Physicians Assistant, or a Nurse Practitioner online and they take my interview and try me on something to treat my symptoms.

If I don’t get better, then I can empty the bank account on a local provider follow up.

This is Medicine LITE, you know, for simple stuff that the local guy would give the same care, just not at a 100 dollar note, only to have Doc say, ‘What’s wrong today, How may I help you?’

I am asking for real problems if I come up with caner or something needing surgery.

While I am happy to use Telemedicine, I also can tell you, it’s not for anything more than the easy stuff.

Look it up, not going to give a name, lot’s of people use this service.

Hospitals fighting against revealing discounts to insurers, patients might shop around for services.

We go for Medical Care, and we pay whatever they bill, it’s exorbitant and forcing us into bankruptcy.

I work as a nurse, private duty, special needs. A very basic medical plan for each week is 85 dollars, copays, high deductible, no payment for medicines.

We passed on a payment every week, to have the privileges of not being able to pay for medical, even with insurance.

So… we are cash pay, out of pocket payers.

We are very careful when we use the medical system, you know, we pay cash.

My wife has it better than some, her MD visit is 35 dollars, we pay cash for labs and x-rays.

We pay cash for several medicines. Our average costs run 140 dollars a month.

My health, pretty good at 62, I have ear infections at times. Can’t get antibiotic drops without a prescription.

100 bucks for a Nurse Practitioner to tell me what I already know, then 65 dollars to get the prescription filled.

For 7 to 10 days of ear drops, it’s 165 dollars.

So… I understand my ear infection, and even though it’s uncomfortable, I know it’s not very serious in my case.

I go online, hunt up some drops, that are available without prescription. My Spanish language bottle of Neomycin worked, so I’m good. 30 bucks, wait ten days for the drops.

So the money I save from paying insurance premiums, and ditching the medical appointment amounts to over 160 dollars I didn’t spend.

My wife has a bad heart and we know we are just one ER visit away from bankruptcy, if we pay the 85 dollars a week, and get in the hospital, we are bankrupt anyway.

Welcome to 2019, we can’t possibly afford the greatest medical technology in all of history.

I work 42 hrs a week, you know, full time?

Govt medical care is a poor answer to the problem, I can understand those who vote for it, and fight for Universal Health care.

Not my focus, right now.

We need a re think MINUTE CLINICS, and tiered care for less critical medical care. Ear infections, colds, and flu shots.

We need to re think some medicines as being over the counter, instead of an expensive prescription.

Individuals need to continue to promote their own health, by choices that help us to be healthy.

We need to educate ourselves on tested alternative ways to manage health, as in, proven medical trials.

Yes, publishing the costs up front, when you see a doctor, when you enter a hospital, when you have surgery.

For those who have significant health issues, kidney recipients, cancer treatment, special needs, and medically fragile, we have a disaster, just around the corner, even with medical insurance.

There is no such thing as preventive care when you cash pay, you just make your best decision and go with it.

The Elephant story, how do you eat an elephant? One spoonful at a time.

The Elephant is Healthcare Costs, transparency in revealing cost up front, can be a couple of bites out of this monster.

Edited Human

We have been some decades into Human Genetic studies and rudimentary exploration into possibilities of improving outcomes for diseases and genes that cause disabilities.

Life has been held as sacred and all means were to be pursued to protect Human Life.

Abortion and euthanasia has made inroads into this Sacredness of Life concept.

As de Humanizing terms like ‘The Fetus’, ‘The Embryo’, ‘product of conception’, and many other terms began to be detached from the idea of the womb resident being Human, we now have, since it’s not human, we can edit this tissue.

None of the elements with the potential to be human, are in fact Human, under some court rulings, world wide, and in the U. S.

So liberties are taken to re arrange DNA, snipping and adding, to create a version that is different from the original structure.

Then this restructured element is allowed to become a living, breathing person.

We have very limited understanding of how some elements in our environment affect our DNA, plastics, food additives, natural and man made radiation, and so much more.

With our infantile knowledge of DNA and it’s structure, we boldly go and birth edited Humans.

We feel emboldened to do this because we don’t hold Human life as sacred anymore.

No surprise that China is at the forefront of this, using technology that the U. S. has pioneered.

The Nation that sells convict’s organs on the global markets, targeting specific individuals to customize orders, is a great environment for this kind of manipulation of Humanity’s future.

The Chinese have a less than stellar record of empathy and sympathy for their fellow Citizens.

There are those who argue for using research from Germany’s World War 2 research, even when the research was obtained from incarcerated inmates, many Jews, using barbaric methods.

There will be those who argue that we can use this research as well.

Splicing and editing human DNA, is not the same as adding human genes to bovines, to produce pharmaceuticals.

We are trifling with Humans, people, babies, children.

If a person can say, use me for your attempts to improve health, that’s their decision.

Splicing and editing formative Humans is much different. The end result is not understood, we euthanize poor results in animals, they are animals. We can’t let poor results of animal breeding and modifications to survive.

So… we get an unexpected result from slicing and dicing human DNA, we just euthanize our poor outcome, and try again?

Mexico, has a largely disarmed Citizenry …hit men remove people from public hospitals, with little resistance.

So we have hit squads doing whatever they want in Mexico, in cluding attacking 9 Americans, some of whom died.

We have Cartels forcibly conscripting teenage boys from public schools at gun point to join the Cartels.

This is due to minimal legal access to firearms for self defense, for Mexican Citizens.

Ask someone you know recently living in Mexico, to verify the story.

Americans have lots of guns, and the Cartels do have infjuence here. The gangs do have influence in the US.

They are aware that if they choose the wrong block they will get ressistance.

The gangs and the Cartels want to expand operations here.

They keep running up against armed Americans, willing to challenge them.

There is a huge push to get guns out of the hands of US citizens, the result can very well be what honest Mexican Citizens are facing today.

They are at the mercy of evil men with guns, who nullified or bought off the law enforcement in thier area.

Another great reason for leaving our guns alone.

Capitalism is still solving problems in America.

Yes people fall through the cracks.

I grew up with food insecurity until I was 20. I began working and now 40 yrs later, I realize how amazing the U.S. truly is.

Yes the homeless issues are serious, yes there are hungry children.

Compared to the Global situation, we have very little to complain of.

Our borders are crossed daily by those so desperate for a better life, that they risk thier lives and the lives of thier children to get here.

The homeless in the US can live for years, on handouts, sad as it is, they are way above millions in other countries.

We have forgotten how amazing the US is.

We have forgotten how our poor often do better than millions overseas.

We emphasize our failings and our glaring issues.

While forgetting how spoiled we are.

The poor here have cell phones, and cable TV.

While we address these issues, with American ingenuity, and working together, never forget how great our Nation is.

While the govt schools deny our greatness, and revise our history, Americans are reaching out with private money, often times, to feed and build shelter for the homeless.

While the Media attacks our president, and divides us by race and political affiliation, our Nation has thousands who manage soup kitchens and food pantries, handing out resources to any in need.

Emphasise our glaring faults, don’t forget to also talk about our generosity and relief to those in need.

Orwellian…and chilling…Kavenaugh character destroyed by lies

Sept 16, 2019 The Hill reports that Kavenaugh’s accuser has no memory of the rape she alleged happened during college days, for the now confirmed SCOTUS judge.

So… They, the Agenda, the Media stated the story about alleged rape by a young Kavenaugh, over and over for months and months.

Now the lie is part of how we view his character. The lies are treated as true, by many.

This is a New York Times story.

If this can be done to a SCOTUS nominee, and now confirmed judge, then no one is safe.

The GHOST GUN, coming home to roost.

Buy kit, add drill press, add rudimentary metal cutting, and the printed instructions, and you have a functional firearm, no serial number.

While laws to disarm honest Citizens continue to be passed, DIY guns proliferate.

Knife attacks go up when guns are banned.

Vehicle assaults go up, when gun bans are enacted.

GHOST GUNS, are even more available when guns are banned.

People are going to find ways to commit crime, they are going to find ways to injure and kill, guns or no guns.

When morals are taught as being fluid, you have ambiguity as to what is right or wrong.

Moral Relativism is with us to stay, we just have to decide as individuals what moral path we take.

The ones who feel that they have proven their right to control their property, and live a life that they want, without interfering with others, often run into opposition with those who want to appropriate other’s property and do violence.

They prove their right to their property by earning it through work and wise investing.

Their are those who choose to rob and steal, even using armed assaults to acquire property.

So… the law abiding are subjected to rules and regulations to acquire a means to defend their property and families.

The law abiding can acquire means to build a gun outside of traditional routes to gun ownership.

Those who would otherwise not be LEGALLY allowed to acquire a firearm can also build a gun.

So… here we are, the law abiding, choosing to defend themselves, and own a firearm are barraged with negative attacks on their LEGAL firearms.

The ones who intend to harm can still get a gun, build a gun, and continue to rob, rape and, murder.

As Nation we have pushed away Moral Law, we have cheapened Human life, with Abortion and Euthanasia.

We have learned, in govt schools, a society at large, that it is not always wrong to steal, or lie.

If we don’t suffer the consequences for our actions, then we’re okay.

As we go farther from respect for each other, and as we move, even more, into the thinking that they have more than I do, we lose as a Society. We lose as a Nation.

While the huge majority of Americans are moral, are law abiding, we have an ever-growing population of Moral Relativists.

Among them are those who aquire Ghost Guns to harm others.

So… We who are aware of this in our society, can NOT ever be without arms to defend and protect ourselves.

If our guns are taken we are subject to the whims of those who will still have guns, and will rape, rob, and murder.

Repost, worth the read…

Marc Thiessen: Evils of socialism must be taught to young people

Posted By: Fox News November 17, 2019

Source Link

Thirty years after the fall of the Berlin Wall, the world has changed for the better in almost every respect.

Since 1989, the number of people living in democracies has nearly doubled from 2.3 billion to 4.1 billion – and now makes up more than half the people on Earth. Of those remaining in an autocracy, four out of five live in China.

Since 1989, the percentage of the world’s population that lives in extreme poverty has been cut in half from a 52 percent majority to just 21 percent. Even more astonishing, the Brookings Institution reported in September 2018 that “for the first time since agriculture-based civilization began 10,000 years ago, the majority of humankind … some 3.8 billion people, live in households with enough discretionary expenditure to be considered ‘middle class’ or ‘rich.’”

Today, compared to 1989, we have more freedom, better life expectancy, higher literacy, lower child mortality, less disease, and less hunger than at any time in human history. If you could choose any era in human history in which to be born and you did not pick today you would be insane.


This dramatic expansion of human freedom and prosperity was unleashed by two factors: First, the collapse of socialism that fell along with the Berlin Wall; and second, the expansion of democratic capitalism under the protection of America’s unquestioned military and economic might.

The United States and its allies first defeated National Socialism and then Soviet socialism, and in the wake of those victories freedom and free enterprise are transforming the world, lifting billions of people out of poverty and misery.


And yet, a Gallup poll found that 58 percent of young Americans think that socialism would be a good thing for the country, while seven in 10 millennials said they would vote for a socialist candidate for president.

In an interview for our podcast, “What The Hell Is Going On?” Danielle Pletka and I asked U.S. Ambassador to Germany Richard A. Grenell why socialism seems to be having a resurgence three decades after the end of the Cold War.

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“What’s really interesting is that here in Europe, I think it’s the opposite,” he told us. “There are young leaders coming on the scene, that are definitely not socialists and are capitalists and embracing capitalism in a big way.”

Grenell points out that German Chancellor Angela Merkel, who was born in East Germany, was recently asked what would have become of her if the wall had not fallen and the Soviet empire had not collapsed. “She flatly said, ‘I’d be in the United States.’”


Grenell says that we need to educate a generation that has not lived the experience of socialism about the evils of that system and the power of free enterprise.

“I think that we have a responsibility to tell the rest of the story, so to speak. Because you have to be able to show the end of socialism, what happens after you train a generation to just not embrace capitalism and not to embrace the hard work that goes with the idea that if you work hard, you can be better than your parents, you can have more, and you can have better. And I think that what we need to be able to do is tell the rest of the story.”

Soup kitchen politics…pro FAITH

Here we go, if you don’t actively approve of a Lifestyle, you hate the people in that Lifestyle. WRONG, WRONG, WRONG…

So many people serve each other, so many people buy from and sell to each other, never examining thier personal lives.

Being offended because your cause is not actively approved of by a person or an organisation is the height of intolerance.

I want to put what’s important to me first. I want to promote my cause first. Your cause is important to you, my cause is important to me.

I want to put matters of Faith paramount in my life.

Matters of Faith offends you.

Just because it offends you, doesn’t mean I should stop promoting Faith.

I don’t promote the LGBT agenda, I am surrounded by amazing, stable, hard working people who do.

I am not going to be upset because thier lives are different from mine

I am going to follow my life, and we can still build on our American experience as we we intersect in business, and the public arena.

Set the Fascism aside and re examine what it means to be tolerant and inclusive.