Selective Narrative of Media

Explore what the real world of URBAN America is dealing with.

Sadly, the Abortion Debate overlooks the founder of Planned Parenthood. Sadly, it is overlooked that the remorse of clients of Abortion is far reaching and life changing. Sadly the children , found to be disabled in the Womb, are at high risk of gestational termination. Flesh out the story by rounding out your understanding, by keying the the organization above into your browser. The Agenda, never describes any of these things.

Using LABELS de-humanizing people of diverse views.

Them, Deplorables, Fakenews, they are labels to speed up discussion and they end up truncating discussion that reveals why someone believes something.

Pro-Life becomes Anti- reproductive Rights. Women’s Choice becomes Baby Killers.

So.. a person doesn’t want a 13 yr old raped by an uncle to be forced to bear a child.

Another person says, ‘The child didn’t choose to be conceived by rape, so why kill the child.’

Downs Syndrome, Spina Bifida, Cerebral Palsy, are good reasons to spare a life of disability, by aborting these fetuses.

Are any pre-born children less human than other pre-born children?

So… here we are, emotional, manipulated by the press, shocked by pictures and videos, and movies.

Children elicit emotions, very primal, and protective. Children are helpless, hey depend on caring people to protect and nurture them.

Let’s brutally list the ones who benefit financially by placing ‘Right to Choose’ in their dialogue.

While their are…

People who sincerely believe that women need options, as a pregnancy is an astounding life change for anyone.

There are…

Those who make money from providing services to terminate pregnancies.

Also consider…

That around 50% of abortions are performed for African American Women, by usually a white Practitioner.

You get to look at the philosophy behind PLANNED PARENTHOOD, via search, so YOU can see what they say about their services.

Aborted body parts are still sold for research as we speak, some call this an additional income stream, Viva’ La Free Market.

We would be awed and amazed if a rock came back from Mars with fossil evidence of bacteria in it. We would impressed about this life on another planet, we would love the idea we’re not alone in the universe.

The womb houses a conception that is legally not life, yet presents many more attributes of life, than the ancient fossilized specimen from another planet.

So… science states that Life is evidenced by certain attributes, and legally we can say this is not life.

No one I know that is Pro-choice is a baby killer. No one I know who is Pro-life wants fat, rich, white guys to say what a woman can do with her body.

The Abortion discussion has become polarized, to the huge benefit of the extremes in the debate. It’s a vote getting and money making industry for both extremes in the discussion.

I’m the guy looking at SOME of the aspects of some of the discussion. There is an agenda, and most of us already have reasoned out the best solution.

While the Screamers get the press, and the Labels will always devide, we can reason some of this out.

No human has less value than any other human.

Most of us can consider that if a heart beat is present, the embryo is life, for scientific consideration.

Abortion will always be a consideration for some aspects of women’s health, if Mom will die completing gestation, then the Mom should be kept alive, and the baby aborted.

Using abortion to select sex, or obtain organs or tissue to be used for the health of living humans, is barbaric, and de-humanizes the womb resident. It creates a financial incentive from manipulating living fetal tissue, for health benefits to the living.

Because a pre-born baby is found to be handicapped, in the womb, this does not negate the humanity of this entity.

So… We need to vote for a Devil, again. The front runners for President are equally bad.

At the risk of being like REALLY wrong, I’m thinking Trump and Sanders are going to face off on this race. Both are rich old guys. and they appeal to extreme elements in there respective parties.

Trump at least has shown he will promote a conservative supreme court. Sanders will take us to a stronger version of socialism. These appeal to extremes in the voting ranks of the right and the left.

Socialism is not a bad word to some, due to the phrase Democratic Socialism. Purported to be a kinder and gentler government. Even though social programs mandated by government end up being expensive and taking individual choice away.

Those who follow a more Constitutional mindset, feel further work on improving the economy, and even more conservative SCOTUS will be the result of voting Conservative. Some see this as being a detriment to making the country kinder.

In the middle is everyone else, striving to pick something they want out of this election.

So… examine the history of the persons facing off, realize that they are being sponsored by particular groups, and entities that are vying for their vision of America as we go to our future.

Some want a set of services, even if the taxes go up. They want to have access to Universal Income, a much higher minimum wage, Abortion rights enshrined in a much broader way, in Federal law.

It extends to free college, and a health care system where government provides EVERYONE with basic coverage.

This group is likely to approach the Constitution under a flexible framework of interpretation.

Others want a free market solution to everything, when possible. These view taxation as an impediment to business, and an impediment to personal income growth.

Also they want the States to manage those things that are relegated to the States by the Constitution.

This group approaches the Constitution as a much more rigid document. Interpreted by the way language was used in the time of it’s writing.

Both of these Candidates are very fluid in their evolution, doublespeak for, do and say whatever it take to get into office.

Trump, while he has done some good, surprised me, actually, is a deal maker, and he will push Presidential powers in new ways even more than he already has.

Sanders is well known for his socialist leanings. He has a lot of appeal. Many view him as a change for good. He’s fairly direct with what he intends to do.

I challenge my readers to examine their past, warts and all. I challenge you to turn off mainstream MEDIA, and look at what these guys support, what they vote for, and their past affiliates.

Both of them are politicians, each one has a view of where America should be, as history rolls out.

Then CHOOSE, with disdain, usually, the one that might do less damage to your vision of our nation.

The VOTE is like the JURY, critical to the function of our REPUBLIC.

Trying to get the votes involves millions of dollars, multiplied thousands of hours, and research and consultants. If your vote was a wasted effort, why do they spend big bucks per EACH vote? The votes are assembled to get the majority in each state, each state selects the winner in a Presidential race. The States are very powerful, as each state has so many electoral votes.

Juries are powerful in court cases and are taken from voters rolls. They determine rulings in certain cases. the selection process and the balance of the Jury is subject to extreme scrutiny and vetting.

In each case the Citizen is the real power, so manipulation of the Citizens opinions is crucial to the AGENDA.

This is why we must guard our access to TRUTH.

So… YOU the Citizen is the real power in this country, they don’t want you to see your real power.

Agendas need not apply…

Pro-Choice- includes a woman’s right to choose to terminate a pregnancy. It is her decision. The womb resident is not viewed as a human until viable, as in able to breath without assistance.

Please let me get feed back on this.

Pro-life views humanity as beginning from conception. The baby is a separate body, and should be given rights like a human who has been born.

Also need feedback on this.

There are lots of variations on these two views, I am trying to hit the predominate view in both camps.

So… brief comments that contribute to the narrative needed.

Strangely predictive, this guy Orwell 1984



Newspeak is the fictional language in the novel Nineteen Eighty-Four, written by George Orwell. It is a controlled language created by the totalitarian state Oceania as a tool to limit freedom of thought, and concepts that pose a threat to the regime such as freedom, self-expression, individuality, and peace. Any form of thought alternative to the party‚Äôs construct is classified as “thoughtcrime”.

The ‘Regime’ in this case, is the ‘Agenda’. The narrative of the FAR LEFT. Thankfully most liberals don’t tow the party line. Thousands do.

We can scream at each other about shootings, if you want to.

How about we tackle three points of this.

1 Too many guns.

2 nutcases getting guns.

3 The agenda behind dis-arming Citizens.


We have lots of guns, we have amazing people who own guns, and amazing people who want to ban them. We have a gun culture that works very well in a moral, disciplined society. We can’t say that society is becoming more disciplined, we know there is less order and civility. So dude gets mad, goes on a binge kills people, with a gun. You and I, are horrified that a person can destroy people in a cavalier way. Armed Citizens won’t give the guns up, who would, there are nuts out there, killing people in a cavalier way. So we can require lock up of personally owned guns. We need to continue background checks. Preach, teach, and model behavior that never makes guns toys, or treat them in an offhand manner.


Most of these shooters use guns to remedy a TEMPORARY slight, or an emotional reaction to a situation. This is where we have trouble, we can’t read minds, and we can’t be everywhere at once, to defend our loved ones.

Everyone loses a job, it is devastating. We can find people who ‘did’ this to us. After a while we calm down and work out our income situation with another job. We think back and we learn something from the painful time.

Some people have thoughts of suicide for temporary problems, slash your wrists because your two year girl friend moved two states away, an example. Someone gets mad, while stressed, and punches someone. The consequences are serious and possibly life changing.

So, we can’t read minds, we can’t be without defense. So we examine the type of person who might react this way. Someone with a history of violent behavior, someone who has a record of violent crime, those are obvious. We can see a future issue. Sorry, if you hurt people, we should vote to have a law, you don’t get a gun.


Each gun crime involving mass shootings is hyped for days and weeks with how bad guns are. how bad it is that guns are easily accessed. The NRA is bad, the average gun owner in complicent with the ‘gun problem.’

We as a nation enshrined personal accountability for our own defense and the defense of our Nation in the Constitution.

The reasons are many and the People having means to defend themselves is not changing soon.

So, we examine who’s agenda is advanced by hyping and inflaming gun violence. Someone help me find a name for these guys. They want a fundamentally altered American experience, they want to manage our lives for us. They want to determine our futures.

They use division, inflaming catastrophes, and push their agenda with deep pockets and willing, poorly informed Citizens.

Looking for ideas.