Hospitals fighting against revealing discounts to insurers, patients might shop around for services.

We go for Medical Care, and we pay whatever they bill, it’s exorbitant and forcing us into bankruptcy. I work as a nurse, private duty, special needs. A very basic medical plan for each week is 85 dollars, copays, high deductible, no payment for medicines. We passed on a payment every week, to have the […]

Mexico, has a largely disarmed Citizenry …hit men remove people from public hospitals, with little resistance.

So we have hit squads doing whatever they want in Mexico, in cluding attacking 9 Americans, some of whom died. We have Cartels forcibly conscripting teenage boys from public schools at gun point to join the Cartels. This is due to minimal legal access to firearms for self defense, for Mexican Citizens. Ask someone you […]

Orwellian…and chilling…Kavenaugh character destroyed by lies

Sept 16, 2019 The Hill reports that Kavenaugh’s accuser has no memory of the rape she alleged happened during college days, for the now confirmed SCOTUS judge. So… They, the Agenda, the Media stated the story about alleged rape by a young Kavenaugh, over and over for months and months. Now the lie is part […]