70 percent say NOTHING, about their views on their gun ownership.

10 to 15% on the gun control side, and 10 to 15% on the extremist gun owner side do not speak for the much quieter 70 % in the middle. The ones in the middle are quietly buying guns, and putting into office at all levels, those who will support private gun ownership. They aren’t […]

Yes, they REALLY DO want to take ALL your guns…

O’ Rourke is desperate and will slip away as a non person in the Democratic Presidential race. He was able to openly state the AGENDA of the left. Disarming Americans, period. While we’re focused on the gun issues, slow by sure, Socialism is continuing to make inroads into popular thought. While Govt schools continue to […]

Mass Shooters Display These Signs, Before the Mass Shooting Event

Not going to be passive about my personal response to potential mass violence. When I enter a room, I look for exits, and potential defenses in the room. I work in schools and private homes. In the course of my day you will find me armed. I teach and model behavior that promotes each person […]

If they say, ‘I’m gonna shoot up a mall’, contact someone.

Usually, there are warning signs in the weeks leading up to a mass shooting. Authorities don’t know how to use the information, as they are the clean up crew, after the fact. They can’t move, in these cases, because there is no provision for them to act. Violent speech, that includes statements of harm, is […]

No Name. No Photo. No Notoriety. IT’S A MATTER OF PUBLIC SAFETY The quest for notoriety and infamy is a well known motivating factor in rampage mass killings and violent copycat crimes. In an effort to reduce future tragedies, we CHALLENGE THE MEDIA – calling for RESPONSIBLE MEDIA COVERAGE FOR THE SAKE OF PUBLIC SAFETY when reporting on individuals who commit or attempt acts of rampage mass violence thereby depriving violent like minded individuals the media celebrity and media spotlight they so crave.