While Planned Parenthood is a money making entity, off of Abortion. They misquote Margaret Sanger.

Eugenics, race, abortion, all the words are emotive triggers. Useful for advancing discussion and dividing people. Words are neutral, they have to be in a context, and the intent of the speaker should be considered before a meaning is arrived at. While many quotes are thrown around as attributed to Margaret Sanger, many of these […]

The Supreme Court warned to ‘Heal’ or be re-structured.

The SCOTUS strives to be above politics, usually ruling very close to the letter of the Constitution. Since the SCOTUS is expected to land on the side of fewer impediments to gun ownership, the AGENDA has instructed the court to cave or face the consequences. The problem seems to be, they won’t be a lap […]

The left is not trying to abolish Christianity

Serious deep pockets, in a small segment of the LGBT arena, are trying to silence opposition to their views. The slant is that their is something wrong with this group, who for 2000 yrs has taught that same sex intimacy is against the Scriptures. What is not said is, that any sexual behavior outside of […]

Came up to the scene of accident, Teen kid, failed to yield to a twenty something kid.

Accidents happen, and most people come out with minor injuries, thankfully. After they found out that no serious injuries were apparent, both Mom’s broke down, hugging, and so thankful it wasn’t so much worse. So… 80% of this whole thing is, the kids were essentially OK. We knew knew the lawyers were coming, and the […]

Newspeak, Thoughtcrime, Doublespeak…

The Southern Poverty Law Center has lost all credibility OPINION OPINION OPINION Maajid Nawaz, once declared an extremist by the Southern Poverty Law Center, is director of the Quilliam Foundation. (Peter Morrison/AP) By Marc A. Thiessen Marc A. Thiessen Columnist focusing on foreign and domestic policy BioFollow Columnist June 22, 2018 After years of smearing […]

WALMART is caught in a mess, they didn’t create…

SO… Walmart sells guns, ammo, holsters, cleaning kits for guns. This mass retailer sells hundreds of thousands of an an item, you know, mass retailer. So… the store is HORRIFIC scene of a mass shooting. Walmart did not create the problem, they are the victim of a horrendous crime. They are being pressured to stop […]